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Province Using New Terms for Winter-Driving Conditions

December 17, 2010 1:49 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

A screen grab shows the province's road information website, which now uses new vocabulary and easier to see colour schemes. (MANITOBA.CA)

Standardized terms and colour schemes to describe winter-driving conditions are now being used on the province’s road information website.

Manitoba is one of the first provinces in Canada to use the terms, which are made to adopt new vocabulary used by drivers.

The new colour schemes on maps were chosen based on extensive driver surveys and to assist motorists who are colour blind to identify conditions more easily.

“The definitions were developed in conjunction with the Transportation Association of Canada and provide standard, concise terminology that helps drivers make decisions based on consistent information,” Transportation Minister Steve Ashton said in a statement.

Manitoba.ca/roadinfo receives about 2,300 visits daily on a typical winter day, but can see visits surge up to 45,000 during storms. Updated road info is also available 24/7 by calling 1-877-MB-ROADS.