Microsoft Fixes Hotmail Glitch, Restores Deleted E-mails

Microsoft has fixed an issue that was causing Hotmail users to lose e-mails.

Technicians at Microsoft believe they have solved a problem that was causing Hotmail users to lose e-mails.

The problems began in early November, but became widespread over the New Year’s weekend, as unread messages were being sent to a user’s trash bin, or deleted altogether.

By Monday, a spokesperson for Microsoft said the issue has been isolated and fixed to prevent further e-mail from being discarded without the user’s knowledge.

Microsoft’s support forums show roughly 480 pages of complaints on the issue.

Hotmail remains the largest free e-mail provider with about 360 million users, next to Google’s Gmail.

This wasn’t the only technical glitch to begin 2011. Apple iPhone users likely missed a few appointments when their built-in alarm clock didn’t go off on January 1 and 2. Apple says a bug in the system caused the alarm to not function when the date flipped from 2010 to 2011. Thankfully, an automatic fix was dispatched in time for Monday morning. Unfortunately, the fix did very little and users were still having troubles with the alarm clock.


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