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Volunteer Actors Needed for Manitoba Museum Exhibit

January 10, 2011 1:30 PM | Entertainment

By Sarah Klein

Volunteer actors are being sought to help out with the Cosmomania exhibit at the Manitoba Museum.

The actors will add colour and character to the exhibit and receive plenty of exposure, publicity, free passes to the Museum and to the Yuri’s Night event for their participation.

Each actor will be required to work a minimum of one three-hour shift per week from February 4 to April 17, plus additional rehearsal time in advance of first shift.

The actor will take on the role of a character in the Cosmomania exhibit which celebrates the past 50 years of space exploration. Each character is set in a particular time period of spaceflight history, and each has a particular perspective on the “space race” or event in question. The actor will interact in character with visitors, asking them prompting questions and giving them a feel for the historic time period and the significance of the event. Some costuming will be provided by the museum as appropriate. Actors will also be able to direct visitors to basic museum amenities like restrooms and food services, and be able to answer some basic questions about the exhibit (based on briefing provided by the Museum).

Download the character profiles (PDF, 37 KB)

If you’re interested, please contact Scott Young at scyoung@manitobamuseum.ca or call (204) 988-0627.