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Titanic Exhibit to Examine History of Manitobans On Board

January 11, 2011 6:45 AM | Entertainment

A new exhibit looking at the history and artifacts of the Titanic will open February 12 at MTS Centre Exhibition Hall, but the Manitoba Museum is taking it a step further by examining the 13 Manitobans who were passengers on the ill-fated ship with its own exhibit.

“Titanic: The Manitoba Connection” will open in the Parklands Pier and include artifacts from the museum’s collection to tell the story of who these passengers were — from millionaires to immigrant farm labourers — and how they came to be onboard the ship.

Nine of the passengers were men and four were women. All the Manitoba men on board perished in the shipwreck.

The museum is seeking out Manitobans whose families had a connection to the Titanic. They are invited to send information to titanic@manitobamuseum.ca. There is a chance that the stories and artifacts received will be a part of the exhibit, which runs from February 12 until September 5.