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DealGator Expands Operations, Offers Winnipeg Deals

February 2, 2011 6:24 AM | News

A new deal-finding website expanded throughout Canada Tuesday, joining the popular, but soon to be saturated, market for consumers looking to find the best local deal.

DealGator.com is similar to Groupon, where daily deals are promoted based on your geographic location.

The site uses your IP address to automatically connect you with the deals in your area, which at launch time included offerings from 4Play Sports Bar and Delta Cleaners.

The site is available in over 43 cities, including several major Canadian markets.

Industry experts familiar with the genre of the new online deal craze say too many of these sites will devalue the discounts consumers can take advantage of.

SwarmJam.com, a site created by the Postmedia Network, has gathered local newspapers to promote and solicit deals to readers while growing its database of local advertisers.

While you decide which site is best for you, Google isn’t too far behind jumping into this niche. The search engine giant will launch Google Offers soon to directly compete with Groupon — the same company it was unsuccessful in acquiring for $6 billion just a few months ago.

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