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Touchdown for City — Katz Promises Grey Cup in 2014?

February 4, 2011 4:20 PM | News

Mayor Sam Katz delivered his annual State of the City address Friday at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, and caught the ear of many football fans in the process.

During his speech at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, Katz said the future football stadium at the University of Manitoba will host the Grey Cup in 2014. The CFL has not announced anything official to back up that claim.

Watch (courtesy of iTVWinnipeg.com / Marketplace Magazine):

The City of Winnipeg has previously committed $7.5 million to the $190 million project, which when complete, will hold 33,000 fans.

But Katz didn’t focus entirely on sports during his address to an audience of more than 1,100 people. He also touched on his commitment and promise to put an additional 58 police officers on Winnipeg streets — a move that was approved by city council in January.

On the topic of law enforcement, the mayor said the new Winnipeg police helicopter is now fully operational and in the skies to protect the public.

Katz also touted the city’s population increase of more than 18,000 residents over the last two years, despite tough economic times.

The 7th annual events was sponsored by the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, with proceeds going towards Osborne House and the North End Hockey Program.