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Shaftesbury Students, Staff Hope Video Goes Viral

February 11, 2011 11:00 AM | Videos

Students and staff from Shaftesbury High School have created a YouTube video they hope will go viral to showcase life at their school.

The Discover Shaftesbury Video Project was filmed on January 19 and “encourages teens to ‘find’ what brings them joy while they are in high school.”


YouTube video

The video was unveiled for the student body and media during an assembly this morning.

Lyrics to “Find”

Explore a better way in your life…now don’t delay
Discover Shaftesbury, come home…come home.

You seek the better life you find now under your control
You’ll see the difference so let it out of your soul…


(Ya) Find…the things that make you smile

You’re soon to understand, that gives you point of view
You’ll see no hindrance, in expressing what you do…

Find all the things that give joy to your heart and end with a smile
Find all the pieces of life so unreal and do it with style

We welcome you with open arms…we’re opening’ up all the doors
This school’s called Shaftesbury–So what are you waiting for?

On the topic of locally-produced YouTube videos going viral, the Winnipeg Humane Society commercial featuring Andy Hill has now garnered more than 316,000 views.

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