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Warming Hut at The Forks Destroyed by Fire

February 17, 2011 9:14 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

The "Ha(y)ven" warming hut was destroyed late Wednesday night by fire. (MARC EVANS / CHRISD.CA)

"Ha(y)ven" was created by New York architects Tri Nguyen, Jayne Chu, Ben Olschner and Jakob Seyboth. (THE FORKS)

A fire late Wednesday night completely destroyed one of the creative warming huts at The Forks.

Ha(y)ven was designed by a team of New York architects and was one of the winning designs unveiled in November.

The hut was located near the Scotiabank Stage and has been a popular attraction to anyone visiting The Forks. The silo-like structure features an interior warming area and small fire pit, with an open roof.

No word yet on the cause of the blaze, but damaged is pegged at about $5,000.

Read more about Ha(y)ven (PDF, 1.7 MB).

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