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Local YouTube Sensation to Sing with Lady Gaga

February 18, 2011 3:09 PM | Entertainment

YouTube video

Winnipeg YouTube sensation Maria Aragon will meet the woman who shot her to overnight fame after the two spoke during a radio interview on Friday.

The 10-year-old singer posted a cover video of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” on Wednesday, which has gone from a few thousand views to two million and counting.

The video caught the eye of Gaga herself, who tweeted about it to her more than eight million followers one day later.

After a round of media interviews in Winnipeg on Thursday, Aragon was originally scheduled to fly to Toronto for another media blitz, but was grounded due to a blizzard.

Aragon was speechless when Gaga herself phoned in during an interview on Virgin Radio Toronto, which was handled through a coordinated effort with Hot 103. Gaga praised the young singer, saying she was having a rough day on Wednesday until she saw her video, which made her begin to cry.

Listen to the entire interview:

Asked if Aragon had any questions for her idol, she asked, “Where do you get your outfits?” The Grammy Award winner’s answer was the “House of Gaga,” a group of close designer friends.

But perhaps the highlight of the interview was the invitation to join Lady Gaga on stage during her concert on March 3 in Toronto. Gaga asked Aragon if she’d be up to perform a duet on stage of her current hit, “Born This Way.” Of course, there was no objection to the invite.

Virgin Radio said they would put Aragon and her family up in a suite when they make the trek out east.

Meanwhile, the video itself has made the front page of YouTube today as “Most Viewed” and continues to ride the wave of its viral status.

The next part of this journey is to get Aragon on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” A Facebook campaign has been launched and has nearly 1,000 members.

View the photo gallery below of Maria’s media scrum following her chat with Lady Gaga.

Thanks to Hot 103 for sending over the audio.