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Horses Killed on Manitoba Highway in Second Incident

February 23, 2011 8:55 AM | News

Horses running loose on Highway 10 are being blamed for at least three separate accidents Wednesday morning.

RCMP say shortly after 6 a.m., three vehicle crashes involving a dozen horses resulted in two people getting hurt, and three horses being killed.

It’s the second such incident in recent days involving horses on the highway. On Monday, 10 horses were killed when they got loose and were hit by a train and semi trucks on Highway 1.

Wednesday’s ordeal happened about five kilometres south of Boissevain.

The remaining horses were rounded up and returned to the area individual that owns them.

Highway 10 was closed to traffic for a short period while the scene was cleared.

RCMP also note that visibility in the area was poor at the time due to snowfall, but say it’s unrelated to the crashes.