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Maria Aragon Returns Home After Lady Gaga Concert

March 4, 2011 4:20 PM | Entertainment

Winnipeg’s Maria Aragon landed in Winnipeg Friday afternoon to a throng of media at the James Richardson International Airport.


The 10-year-old YouTube sensation performed in Toronto Thursday night with Lady Gaga, where the two sang “Born This Way” together.

Aragon arrived carrying her now famous orange monkey, which was on stage with her during the concert. She bought the toy in New York while doing one of many interviews last week. In a post-concert news conference last night, she said the monkey symbolized her cousin, who couldn’t make it to Toronto for her big night.

Aragon has been on a whirlwind media tour ever since her YouTube video was posted on February 18. Her cover of Gaga’s current hit has more than 17 million views after the pop superstar tweeted the link and it went viral.

Now that she’s back home, Aragon is most looking forward to returning to a normal life and seeing her friends. She also didn’t drop any hints about signing with a record label, saying she wants to take it slow and put her education first.

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