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Firefighter, Paramedic Unite for Child’s Blood Donation

March 14, 2011 7:02 AM | News

A Winnipeg firefighter and paramedic will make their first blood donation to their daughter this morning at Canadian Blood Services.

Keira Keryluk, daughter of Trent and Kristie Keryluk, was born with liver disease and needed a liver transplant. Her dad was unable to donate a portion of his liver to save his daughter’s life, so Keira relied on blood donations and blood products to survive. Keira finally received her transplant in July 2010, and today the 15-month-old is on her way to recovery.

The couple will make the blood donation as part of the 6th Annual Sirens for Life emergency services blood donation challenge.

“When they removed Keira’s liver it was hard and black,” said mother Kristie Keryluk. “It’s hitting me now more than ever how close we came to running out of time. Thanks to blood donors Keira pulled through — she had so many transfusions we lost count.”

Until March 31, emergency responders will be competing to see who can donate the most blood. The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service currently leads the Winnipeg Police Service by four blood donations.

The public is welcome to donate blood on behalf of their preferred emergency services team at 777 William Avenue.