Hot 103 Selling T-Shirts Benefiting Japanese Disaster Relief

Hot 103 is doing their part to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The radio station has started selling ‘Pray for Japan’ T-shirts, which feature a QR code on them. The code can be scanned with a smartphone to take you directly to the Red Cross’ mobile donation site.

“If you’re wearing the shirt, you’re a walking donation outlet,” said morning show host Ace Burpee. “You make a donation that keeps on giving by purchasing the shirt and then making it super easy for others to donate — anytime, anyplace.”

The shirts are $20 and are available at Hot 103’s studios, 3-177 Lombard Avenue during regular business hours.

The unique items were designed by Winnipeg-based Tactica Interactive.


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