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Students Speaking with Astronaut from Space Today

March 18, 2011 7:21 AM | News

Col. Chris A. Hadfield (CANADIAN SPACE AGENCY)

Students from Oakenwald School are in for a treat this morning when they get to speak to a Canadian astronaut live from space.

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield will Skype in for a chat with Grade 3 and 4 students at 9 a.m.

The students have been growing tomato seeds as part of the Canadian Space Agency’s Tomatosphere Project in preparation for a planned mission to Mars. The seeds themselves were produced in space and have been on the International Space Station for six months. The purpose of the experiment is to test the germination rates of seeds that have been exposed to space conditions.

Hadfield will take part in a half hour Q&A session with the students before getting back to the nitty gritty duties of his job. Hadfield’s upcoming mission — Expedition 34/35 — will see him become the first Canadian to command the Space Station.