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Ignatieff Brings Liberal Campaign to Winnipeg

March 31, 2011 8:10 AM | News

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff was in Winnipeg Wednesday, where he held a town hall discussion with party supporters.


Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff appears at a town hall event at the Franco-Manitobain Cultural Centre on Wednesday, March 30, 2011. (TED GRANT / CHRISD.CA)

Speaking to a large crowd at the Franco-Manitobain Cultural Centre, Ignatieff brought up the touchy subject of expiry dates, firing back at St. Boniface Conservative MP Shelly Glover’s remark earlier this week that Liberal MP Anita Neville had passed her particular date. Ignatieff went on to say Canadians don’t have an expiry date.

Questions from the crowd were also taken, and Ignatieff addressed the issues of health care, affordable housing, education and his proposed learning passport — meant to make it more affordable for young Canadians to attend university.

Ignatieff will continue to campaign in the city today, making a childcare policy announcement at Lord Roberts Preschool this morning., followed by a lunchtime photo-op at Winnipeg’s famous Kelekis Restaurant.

Late Wednesday, the broadcast consortium announced the leaders’ debates will take place on April 12 in English and April 14 in French. The debates will not include Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

UPDATE: While in Winnipeg today, Ignatieff announced a $500 million childcare plan. The Early Childhood Learning and Care Fund would eventually increase to $1 billion annually over four years.

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