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Canadians’ Personal Data May Be at Risk After Breach

April 5, 2011 8:31 AM | News

Consumers across the country received some unsettling news late Monday, when a number of big name retailers sent out e-mails warning their personal information may have fallen into the wrong hands.

Air Miles informed their customers that the e-mail service provider they use for communicating company messages had an unauthorized entry into its system. Air Miles says the information that may have been obtained is customers’ first and last names, as well as e-mail addresses. Other details such as home address and Air Miles collector number were not accessed.

Best Buy sent out a similar e-mail, also saying names and e-mail addresses may have been accessed.

In the United States, the impact was much larger, as Target, Capital One, Walgreen’s, JP Morgan Chase & Co. and other companies were breached, as reported by Mashable.

The e-mail provider in question — Epsilon — was still working to correct the issue by Tuesday morning.

Air Miles recommends keeping a close eye on suspicious e-mails you may receive from third parties and never to disclose your personal information via e-mail if asked.