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‘Life and Death’ Examined in U of M Medical Art Show

April 5, 2011 6:38 AM | Entertainment

A medical art show at the University of Manitoba is underway this week.

The theme of “Life and Death” is being explored at the 10th annual Medical Art Show until Friday, April 8. The show was opened to students from other health care disciplines, and for the first time this year staff and faculty were invited to participate.

The show includes 30 expressions of “Life and Death” portrayed through paintings, photographs, poetry, essays, song and dance.

“We are taught the science of medicine, treating patients as specimens of disease to be sorted into neat categories and managed by algorithm,” said Tyler Peikes, creative director for this year’s Art Show and a Med II student. “But that’s not enough for patient care. We have to look at medicine as an art and treat patients as human beings.”

The show is open to the public in the Brodie Atrium during regular business hours.