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Ice Jam to Cause City’s River Levels to Rise

April 15, 2011 4:22 PM | News

River levels will rise in Winnipeg this weekend, but only temporarily.

An ice jam on the Assiniboine River near Holland, Manitoba is the culprit, city officials said Friday.


Both the Red and Assiniboine Rivers will rise about one to 1.5  feet on Saturday, bringing the level at James Avenue to 20 feet. The river is expected to drop to 18.5 feet James by Sunday due to the operation of the floodway.

Additional sandbagging is currently not required, and properties along the river are still protected.

Outside of Winnipeg, a Hesco barrier was compromised at Spruce Woods Provincial Park when an ice jam sent a surge of water over the dike. Flooding affected a number of areas of the campground including washroom facilities. Damage will be assessed and its effect on park operations this summer will be evaluated.


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