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Ring Dike Around Morris Begins to Close

April 17, 2011 5:16 PM | News

The province has started the process of closing the ring dike near Morris along Highway 75.


Provincial flood officials outlined Sunday the latest on the pending closure near Morris, which is called “ramping.” Traffic on the highway between Winnipeg and the U.S. has already affected one northbound lane at St. Jean Baptiste due to water on the shoulder.

The complete closure of the highway could occur by Monday or Tuesday.

Meanwhile, ice jams on the Assiniboine River near Poplar Point caused water levels to rise over the top of a dike.

Crews are working to free up the ice jam and build up the dike approximately 10 kilometres east of Poplar Point.

The ice jam will end up sending additional water towards Winnipeg, raising the Red River at James Avenue by one to 1.5 feet.

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