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Sigh of Relief as Ice Jams Break Apart on the Assiniboine

April 18, 2011 6:11 PM | News

Two families were voluntarily evacuated from their homes Sunday when an ice jam along the Assiniboine River crept up and raised water levels.

Dikes were breached in some areas, but repairs have since been made. Fortunately, ice jam season along the Assiniboine and Red Rivers appears to be over.


The province provided their latest flood update on Monday, stating water levels are dropping in the area between Poplar Point and Baie St. Paul Bridge, which were creating worry for residents over the weekend.

While the threat may be over in some parts of the province, about 25 pieces of equipment and 35 people are working hard to fix dike breaches in other areas. The dikes protect local farms in the La Salle River watershed and were originally built in 1912 and reinforced in 1950 and 1997. They were once again reinforced earlier this spring.

Emergency Measures Minister Steve Ashton noted that this season’s flood has cost upwards of $20 million in protection and preventative measures along the Assiniboine dikes.

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