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Red River Crest Downgraded as Water Levels Drop

April 21, 2011 5:15 PM | News

Provincial flood officials downgraded the level at which the Red River will crest in Winnipeg early next month. The Red River is now expected to peak at 22.2 feet at James Avenue between May 2 and 5. These latest numbers make this year’s flood the third-highest on record, sitting behind 2009 levels by 0.3 feet.

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South of the city, the Red River is expected to crest in Emerson between April 24 and 27.

Officials also updated the number of evacuees affected by flood waters to 1,039, up from 866 on Wednesday. A large group of 66 people were evacuated from the Roseau First Nation as well.

The Salvation Army has fed approximately 4,000 people who were sandbagging in flooded areas of Manitoba, while flood liaison offices in Arborg, Winnipeg, Morris and Brandon have fielded 410 calls from people looking for information about water levels, flood-proofing elevations and highway conditions.

— With files from the Province of Manitoba

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