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Red River Projected to Crest Lower in Winnipeg

April 25, 2011 4:10 PM | News

The Red River Floodway has been a savior for Winnipeg this flood season, helping stave off river levels that would otherwise be 28.3 feet today. Steve Topping of Manitoba Water Stewardship alluded to the statistic during the province’s latest flood briefing Monday afternoon.


River levels inside the city have dropped off enough for at-risk homeowners to not have to sandbag any further. The crest is expected at James Avenue by next Monday, May 2.

In other parts of the province, 1,772 people have been evacuated overall — 760 of which are from Roseau River First Nation. Members of the community began evacuating on Saturday and had to be completely out by today. Evacuees have been moved to Winnipeg, where children have been attending local schools to continue their education.

The crest hit Monday in Emerson near the U.S. border, as ring dikes appear to be holding up. Morris can expect its own crest in the coming days.

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