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Census Forms Mailed Out to Manitobans

May 3, 2011 12:14 PM | News

By Brian Schultz

Census forms are to be completed by May 10. (MANITOBA.CA)

Census forms will soon be appearing in the mailboxes of Manitobans, as the provincial government collects data to plan for vital front-line services such as health care, education and crime protection.

“The census is much more than just counting how many people live in our country, it’s about asking important questions that help shape vital front-line services to ensure all residents have access to the services they need,” Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade Minister Peter Bjornson said in a release. “It only takes a short time to fill out your census and the benefits are wide reaching.”

The 10-question census is to be completed by Canadians by May 10, Census Day.

The National Household Survey, a more in-depth questionnaire, is also part of Census 2011. One in three households will be asked to complete this survey.

Further information on the census is available at Manitoba.ca/census.

Households that don’t receive a census form by May 9 should call 1-877-777-2011 (toll-free).