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Flood Officials Warn Against Driving on Dikes

May 3, 2011 4:19 PM | News

Provincial flood officials warned Tuesday that operating quads, ATVs or other vehicles on protective dikes is prohibited.


Emergency Measures Minister Steve Ashton said there were reports of people on quads riding on top of dikes last weekend, which harms the integrity of the structures. Ashton said the dikes along the Assiniboine and Red Rivers are in place to protect nearby homeowners and that driving on them may cause a breach.

Ashton said no one has been caught on a dike, but called the action in doing so “stupid.”

The Red River in Winnipeg is expected to crest Wednesday or Thursday at 19.5 feet at James Avenue. Assiniboine River water levels are expected to increase for the next two days, prolonging the crest in Winnipeg.

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