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City Prepares for Another Mosquito Season

May 6, 2011 3:32 PM | News

It was obvious the amount of standing water this year would eventually lead to a big mosquito problem.

Thankfully, the City of Winnipeg’s insect control branch is already planning its assault on the pesky bloodsuckers.


City entomologist Taz Stuart said Friday the city began larviciding standing water on May 2. More than 40,000 hectares of water area is being treated on an ongoing basis.

The treatment of standing water will also be greener this year, with 60 percent of the treatment coming from biological products, compared to 35% in 2010.

On the sensitive issue of buffer zones, this season will see the familiar 100-metre zones respected. A review on whether to decrease the zones is still underway. This year residents will have to prove they live at the address requesting the buffer zone, due to abuse of the online system by some residents last year.

An operating budget of $1 million has been created this year to fight mosquitoes.

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