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Video Game Unveiled to Help Sick Children Communicate

May 10, 2011 7:21 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

A long-awaited video game will be unveiled today by the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Nursing.

As part of National Nursing Week, Dr. Roberta Woodgate will present her research that found many children are unable to communicate their feelings about the cancer; although the majority of children with cancer “get better”, the process and treatment can create significant short-and long-term psychological burdens and being expressionless does not help relieve stress.

EMÜD, a new online virtual environment and adventure game, can help children communicate about the disease. The game offers a platform for children to safely and privately engage with their peers and express their feelings without concern.

Woodgate will make her presentation at 12 p.m. in Room 260 in the Helen Glass Centre for Nursing on the U of M’s Fort Garry campus