WAG Opens Up ‘Rooftop Club’ to Celebrate Summer

WAG Opens Up ‘Rooftop Club’ to Celebrate Summer

By Tyler Sutherland

To celebrate the warmer weather we’ll soon experience (if the rain eventually goes away), the Winnipeg Art Gallery has opened up a Rooftop Club.

A line-up of summertime activities and events will “feed your body, mind, and soul,” the WAG says, in an effort to create a healthier, happier and well-balanced lifestyle for its visitors.

The public can join the Rooftop Club just by signing up for one course/workshop at one event. Courses and events take place early in the evening beginning at either 5:30 or 6:30 p.m. Most of the activities will conclude by 8 p.m.

A full run down of Rooftop Club programming is available at WAG.ca.


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