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Brandon Continuing to Work on Protective Dikes

May 13, 2011 11:28 AM | News

Crews are working to maintain dikes in Brandon as the Assiniboine River is held back due to the successful flood precautions put into place. (STAN MILOSEVIC / MANITOBAPHOTOS.COM)

City officials in Brandon continue to shore up dikes to hold back the swollen Assiniboine River, and so far, their hard work is paying off. Work is continuing on the dike in the areas of 17th Street East and 5th Street and Stickney Avenue.

During a media briefing Friday, officials provided an update on the number of evacuees displaced as a result of threatening flood waters. There are now 1,353 registered evacuees and 558 families.

An additional 30,000 sandbags are being delivered today and will be placed in various areas throughout the city in the event crews need them.


Any residents requiring sandbags can pick them up from 18th Street and Rosser Avenue, Kirkcaldy Heights School, and the Sportsplex.

If the threat of the river wasn’t enough, Brandon is also dealing with several water main breaks, but officials say it’s a normal occurrence during the spring thaw. The breaks haven’t caused any major issues or interfered with the flood fight.

Meanwhile, traffic on 18th Street into the city is still reduced to one lane going north and southbound. The southbound lane closest to the super sandbags has been closed as a precaution, giving crews more space to work, and to prevent vehicles from inadvertently hitting the large barrier.