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Public Transit to Launch in Selkirk

May 24, 2011 3:02 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Residents living in Selkirk, Manitoba will soon have access to public transportation with the launch of the community’s first municipal transit service.

On Tuesday, local and provincial officials announced Selkirk’s bus service, which will be partially funded by the Manitoba government on an annual basis.

“With the launch of this bus service, the people of Selkirk will have access to efficient and effective public transportation that also benefits the environment by providing an alternative to automobiles,” said Local Government Minister Ron Lemieux. “Fewer cars on the road mean a reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions and cleaner air for Manitoba families.”

The city is also receiving $187,500 in startup capital for a new bus, bus stops and shelters.

Selkirk Transit will begin operating May 30 with free service until Canada Day. The cost will be $2 per person after July 1 and riders can ride all day.


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