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MPI Proposes Second Rebate Worth $16M

June 3, 2011 3:04 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Manitoba motorists could be in store for another rebate from Manitoba Public Insurance, after the corporation requested from the Public Utilities Board that an additional $16 million be paid out.

The news comes a day after CAA Manitoba and the Consumer Association of Canada requested an inquiry into the previous rebate of $320 million. The $16 million is five percent of the original rebate amount and was calculated on premiums paid for the 2009-10 insurance year.

Some ratepayers had been complaining that their original rebate was too low.

“This will ensure affected customers receive a rebate based on the calculation that is most advantageous to them and eliminates any potential disadvantage based on their particular vehicle or Autopac insurance purchasing decisions,” said Marilyn McLaren, president and CEO of MPI.

A second batch of rebate cheques could be going out after PUB’s review and approval.

“MPI has listened and acknowledged to problems that have arisen since cheques were sent out,” said Liz Peters, spokesperson for CAA Manitoba. “This is great news because some ratepayers received far less of a rebate than they expected and still don’t understand why.”

The inquiry that was previously called is still on the table to ensure future rebates are given in the fair amount the first time.