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City to Start Spraying for Cankerworms on Monday

June 5, 2011 8:19 AM | News

The City of Winnipeg will begin its Cankerworm Control Program early Monday morning, treating boulevards, cemeteries and parks to start.

At 6:30 a.m., crews will move through the city and focus on areas where trees are at risk of significant leaf damage before high levels of defoliation occur.

Elmwood Cemetery is the first spot on the list to receive attention as part of the annual program.

The city will issue daily updates on Winnipeg.ca to provide information on where crews will be spraying the following day.

Recent monitoring shows that cankerworms will have minimal impact on some very localized streets where major defoliation may occur.

Treatment will be conducted utilizing Btk, a biological product, which is sprayed from high pressure tree sprayers directly onto the foliage of the trees. Once Btk is ingested by cankerworms, they stop feeding and die approximately two to three days later.

Citizens can request a 30-metre buffer zone by providing a photocopy or scanned document, such as a driver’s licence, Manitoba Hydro, phone or other utility bill to prove residency.

Documentation can be faxed to 311, e-mailed to 311@winnipeg.ca, or dropped off in person to 1539 Waverley Street. A request in writing can also be made to: Insect Control Branch, 3 Grey Street, R2L 1V2, Winnipeg.

As for mosquitos, city officials are expected to provide an update on the situation later next week.