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Manitoba Bans Small Water Bottles in Provincial Offices

June 7, 2011 1:02 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Manitoba took another step forward on Tuesday to becoming environmentally conscience by banning the purchase of small bottles of drinking water less than one litre in provincial government offices.

The change in policy will encourage all Manitoba government departments, special operating agencies, and boards and commissions to drink tap water.

“We believe by taking this step we are leading by example and encouraging Manitobans to move away from using single-use bottled water,” Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie said in a statement. “This also acknowledges the importance of Manitoba Sustainable Development Procurement Guidelines that clearly states purchases must be based on careful consideration of the good’s impact on the environment.”

However, there is an exception to the rule, such as when tap water is not available. Forest firefighting crews in remote areas who need water to drink will be allowed to use single-use water bottles on the job.

Government employees are also encouraged to avoid buying single-use water bottles for their own personal use while working in a government facility.

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