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Home for the Terminally Ill Deeply Affected by Postal Strike

June 28, 2011 9:10 AM | News

Canadians should start seeing their mail again beginning today, but for one non-profit Winnipeg group, the impact has already made its mark.

The Jocelyn House Hospice, which provides care for the terminally ill, is asking the public for emergency support to make up for the $10,000 lost in donations during the strike. Its annual budget is made up of 50 percent donations, which it hasn’t seen in nearly a month.

“Even though the postal strike is coming to an end, we urgently need to raise the money that would normally have arrived by mail during the month of June,” said Margaret Haugen, executive director for Jocelyn House Hospice. “With a predominately older donor base, we see 90 percent of our annual fundraising dollars arrive via the postal service and this past month without mail delivery has been extremely difficult. We also launched a mail campaign in mid-May and the strike certainly impacted the success of that initiative.”

Anyone who can help is asked to donate by calling (204) 255-1781, ext. 3, online at JocelynHouse.ca or in-person/by mail to 177 Egerton Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2M 2W7.