Google’s +1 Button Receiving More Attention Than Tweet Button

A lot of talk this week regarding social media has been centred around Google+.

The new social network, that’s regarded as Facebook’s competition, has made some headway in its short period of time, but to Twitter’s disadvantage, not Facebook’s.

According to newly released statistics, Google’s +1 button has seen more use than Twitter’s ‘tweet’ button in the roughly one month it’s been available.

BrightEdge, an SEO platform provider, looked at 10,000 large websites and discovered 4.4% of them use the +1 button, compared to 3.4% using Twitter’s button.

However, compared to Facebook, Google and Twitter don’t match up when it comes to implementation across the Internet’s most popular sites.

The “Like” button, sometimes reading “Recommend,” is found on 20% of front pages for the same 10,000 websites that were surveyed.




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