RRC Students Fundraising the Unconventional Way

RRC Students Fundraising the Unconventional Way

While most students turn to bake sales and Book of Savings fundraisers as part of their Creative Communications’ graduating project, two Red River College students are taking a non-traditional approach.

Krystalle Ramlakhan and Hannah Rose Pratt are partnered with Canad Inns Clubs to present “Electric Circus, Bright + Tight Edition” at Area Nightclub on Thursday. The fundraiser is part of their project coordinating the 2012 Creative Communications Media Awards (CCMAs).

“We wanted to start our fundraising efforts in a big, non-traditional way,” Pratt said. “Social media, traditional advertising and word of mouth are all strategies we’ve used to promote our event.”

The CCMAs are a large scale awards reception featuring Creative Communications alumni and media personalities presenting journalism, public relations, advertising, and media production awards to students of the two-year RRC program and prominent alumni in the community.

Tickets are available at the door, or online.