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Facebook Rolling Out Feature to Pre-Approve Tagged Photos

August 24, 2011 7:45 AM | News

Facebook users will have the ability to pre-approve photos their friends tag them in. (FACEBOOK / HANDOUT)

Facebook has listened to its users and will finally be introducing a feature this week to allow for pre-approved photo tagging.

Said to be the most requested feature, your friends will now have to get your approval before randomly tagging you in that unflattering, drunken party photo. Up until now, anyone on your Friends list could add your name to any photo, having the image show up on your profile for your own friends to see until you untagged yourself. Such methods have also been frequently used in spam to add users’ names to a promotion or event.

Another new tweak to note is how you can untag yourself from a photo. Besides being able to remain tagged in a photo, you’ll now have the option to remain tagged, but not have the particular image show up on your profile.

The new features will begin rolling out on Thursday and show up as added menu options to your account’s Privacy tab.


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