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Want a Better Functioning Body? Lose the Sugar

September 7, 2011 7:31 AM | Columns

By Wendy Novotny (@wendynovotny)

Wendy Novotny

Sugar… and I don’t mean it as a term of endearment. I mean it as the simplest form of energy. Sugar is everywhere. Any single thing that crosses your lips that will provide you with energy will be broken down to glucose. No matter a can of pop, a sweet potato, a piece of bread, or a 100% whole wheat wrap.

Let me step back for a moment: I write this post because I am needing to starve the sugar bugs within. Over the summer I too indulged in the patio fare. A bit too much beer and wine, breakfast sandwiches, burgers, fries and ice cream. I realized that I’ve got far too many sugar bugs floating around within me when I start craving pasta (I don’t like pasta).

So, where am I going with this? Here it is in super simple terms: your body has sugar bugs in it (aka candida). The more sugar you eat, the more those sugar bugs multiply — they breed faster than rabbits. Remember my first point in that a 100% whole wheat wrap will be broken down into glucose? Yep, that’s still true. In other words, if you’re not planning on using that energy (in the form of exercise) then it will be stored as fat.

What? Egad! A 100% whole wheat wrap is sugar? Yes. All the parts of that wrap will be broken down. There will be no protein in it. Very, very, very little fibre — not enough for me to even count — and as the cycle of miraculous chemistry takes place at the end of the digestion of that wrap, you will be left with 15-30 grams of carbs, which will be broken down to plain old glucose. Which if you eat, will further feed the sugar bugs that are apparently starving in your body and multiply, therefore creating another 20 damn bugs. And so the cycle goes, and thus, gets out of control.

The most stubborn candida (aka sugar bugs) are the ones that are only starved off after a full three-week cleanse. They are the toughest to kill because they’re like the mac-daddies of candida. They’re big and old and probably hairy and stinky. They really, really want their food. Killing them off will ensure a cleaned bill of candida health, better taste ability, a tighter tummy, controlled emotions, better bowel movements.

Challenge: look for sugar in everything you eat and drink. Read the labels. Anything ending with -ose. Any label that has a carbohydrate portion. Read that. Ask how your drink is prepared at your favourite coffee shop. Always ensure it’s unsweetened. (Yes, milk has sugar in it. So does yogurt).

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Wendy Novotny is a local personal trainer who runs Wendy Novotny Training. Valuing health and all that it encompasses, she finds great fulfillment by helping people gain control of their overall health. Wendy advises them with their fitness, nutrition, emotional and spiritual health. Of the other trades Wendy prides herself is her family and friends. A single mom to two young boys, she recognizes the challenges of finding time for everything. Thanks to amazing family and friends, she is able to handle all the trades. And then some.


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