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Selinger’s Crime Fighting Strategy Calls for More Police

September 9, 2011 10:35 AM | News


The NDP will put more police officers on the street in neighbourhoods across Winnipeg if re-elected.

That was just one promise made by Premier Greg Selinger at a campaign announcement Friday, which also included plans to work with Ottawa to toughen the penalties for crimes ranging from carjacking to arsons.

Selinger said his government will work with police, communities, courts and all levels of government as part of an anti-crime strategy.

“Manitobans want and deserve to feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods,” Selinger said.

The plan calls for adding 50 more beat cops and 25 more cadets in downtown Winnipeg, and working with Ottawa to make gang recruitment a crime. The NDP would also work to speed up prosecutions and establish a weekend court, as previously announced, to handle a backlog of pending cases.

The crime reduction strategy will cost an estimated $13.2 million.

Download the backgrounder for further details (PDF, 86 KB).