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Selinger: $21M Plan for Six More Family Clinics

September 15, 2011 10:07 AM | News

Greg Selinger (CHRISD.CA FILE)

Manitoba’s NDP on Thursday pledged $21 million to open three more QuickCare Clinics and three more ACCESS Centres by 2015, with the goal of every Manitoban having a family doctor by then.

Premier Greg Selinger said his announcement on Wednesday to train and hire more doctors will give them more places to work.

“This election is about health care,” Selinger said. “Hugh McFadyen’s entire career has been about cutting health care, laying off nurses, privatizing services and lobbying for pharmaceutical companies.”

The additional three QuickCare clinics will be run by nurse practitioners to handle issues like sore throats, ear aches and immunizations. The clinics will be open seven days a week, including evenings, and be built in Seven Oaks, Southdale and West Winnipeg.

The three new centres will be built in St. Boniface, Southeast Winnipeg and Southwest Winnipeg.

UPDATE: Selinger also announced $1.5 million to upgrade and expand the Lundar community clinic to double the size.