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Winnipeg’s Airport Ranked 13th for Affordability

September 18, 2011 8:52 AM | News

By David Klassen

Data compiled by the website CheapFlights.ca has ranked Winnipeg’s James Richardson International Airport 13th for affordability.

The site published a list of the 20 most popular Canadian and U.S. border airports and ranked them based on the average airfare of flights departing during the month of August 2011. Factors included domestic and international destinations, which showed varying prices by region.

The average airfare at Winnipeg’s airport was $519. Edmonton came in at 12th place with $502, and Calgary sat in 14th with $525.

“Airfares are a little like real estate,” said the site’s editor Lauren Sullivan. “What you pay is determined, in many ways, by where you live or the location you want. When planning a trip, it’s key to know how your departure or destination point stacks up. If you have the flexibility to try a different airport, especially a U.S. border airport, you may see a payoff.”

The cheapest Canadian departure location on the list was Kelowna, B.C. at $415. The most expensive was St. John’s, Newfoundland at $593.

View the complete list.

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