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Accented Characters Proposed in Canadian Domain Names

September 23, 2011 7:49 AM | News

Canadians could soon be seeing accented characters in .CA domain names if the company that regulates their use gets their way.

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is asking its members for input on the implementation of French character Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) at the second level (to the left of the dot).

IDNs contain characters other than a-z, 0-9 or hyphens. CIRA wants to implement the following characters into domains: é, ë, ê, è, à, â, ô, ù, û, ü, ç î and ï.

That means domains like préside.ca, grâce.ca, etc. would be possible using the special characters.

CIRA has opened up a public consultation to get feedback on the idea. You can share your thoughts at IDNConsultation.ca.

On Thursday, we mentioned CIRA’s plans on Twitter. Here’s what a few people had to say:


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