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McFadyen Promises $5M for Osborne House

September 26, 2011 2:54 PM | News

Manitoba’s Progressive Conservatives would invest $5 million into building a new facility for Osborne House.


Leader Hugh McFadyen announced Monday the new home would improve public safety and provide for the much-needed $1 million in renovations for Manitoba’s largest women’s shelter. Osborne House would be expanded to include 15,000-square-feet of space under the investment.

McFadyen also said his government would expand the use of GPS technology to help protect victims of domestic violence, and monitor dangerous offenders.

“It is an unfortunate reality for some women that they have to live in fear of domestic violence,” McFadyen said. “Restraining orders and other tools don’t always provide the necessary protection for some victims. By employing GPS technology to help enforce restraining orders, police will have a tool to know immediately if an order is violated, and quickly determine if a victim needs assistance.”

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