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Katz to Provincial Party Leaders: Fix Our Roads

September 27, 2011 11:10 AM | News

Mayor Sam Katz, flanked by city councillors Scott Fielding and Jeff Browaty, calls on the provincial candidates to invest more in infrastructure as part of their campaign pledges on Tuesday, September 27, 2011. (ANGÈLE FAUCHER PHOTO)

Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz called on the provincial candidates Tuesday to make infrastructure spending a priority in the election.

Joined by the president of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities, Katz said the campaign promises so far neglect basic infrastructure investments.

“We’ve seen millions of dollars being promised for a variety of interests from those seeking office this election, but if you actually want to do something positive to improve the quality of life for our citizens, then step up and do what’s right and provide municipalities with a real funding source to address the priorities of the people who are electing you,” Katz said.

Speaking at the corner of St. James Street and Ellice Avenue, Katz and AMM president Doug Dobrowski highlighted the need for infrastructure improvements.

“What’s the point of investing more money into health care if ambulances can’t navigate our roads?,” Katz asked.

City Council asked the province earlier this year for one point of the existing provincial sales tax to help fund road repair. Municipalities were previously promised one percent, which would amount for $238 million in spending.