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Budweiser Brewing Winnipeg Jets-Inspired Beer

October 12, 2011 3:06 PM | News

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Budweiser has decided to turn the large water-filled vessels that fans blessed last weekend into a special brew.

The Honour the Ice campaign placed vessels of water around the city’s downtown area, including at MTS Centre and The Forks. Hockey fans stopped by to touch the vessels and bestow their good luck wishes. Some of that water was later poured on the ice before the Winnipeg Jets opened their regular season against the Montreal Canadiens.

The remaining water will be turned into a Welcome Back Brew, sold only at Winnipeg retailers beginning 2012.

“Budweiser is literally bottling up the spirit, passion and energy of Winnipeg’s fans — certainly a first for us and a great way to pay homage to Jets fans who rallied tirelessly to bring back Canada’s seventh team,” said Kyle Norrington, Budweiser’s marketing director.

Water from the vessels will be transported to Budweiser’s brewery in Edmonton, where the brew master will oversee the brewing process from beginning to end.

The brew will come in specially-marked cases and be launched during a celebration event in Winnipeg next year.

Budweiser was named the official beer of the Winnipeg Jets earlier this month.