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New Mobile App Targets Winnipeg Transit Riders

October 13, 2011 8:00 AM | News

Winnipeg Bus Live is a mobile app currently available for Android devices, providing real-time bus schedule information for Winnipeg Transit riders. (HANDOUT)

A local developer has created a mobile app meant to make the lives of those who use Winnipeg Transit much easier.

Ryan Ramchandar is the brains behind Winnipeg Bus Live, which uses a user’s location to provide real-time bus times at their nearest stop.

“Basically, it allows for every stop to get the same information as those digital displays on many busy bus stops,” Ramchandar said.

The free app is currently only available for Android devices (download), but plans are in the works to bring it to iOS5 devices, such as the iPhone and iPod touch, as well as BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices.

Some riders may already use Winnipeg Transit’s mobile website, but Ramchandar says that can be a bit cumbersome.

“It takes many clicks to find a bus schedule for a stop near you. The mobile site has many features that I would like my app to expand in to. For example, I plan to add a trip planner, favourite stops, an integrated map with stop overlays, and bus notifications in the future.”

The app also hopes to eventually include a real-time bus map, where riders can see all area buses in their vicinity and what time they’ll arrive.