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Shaftesbury Students Launching Balloon into Space

October 21, 2011 7:16 AM | News

Shaftesbury High School students will launch their SHARP-2 balloon into outer space. (HANDOUT)

Students at Shaftesbury High School will attempt to launch a balloon into outer space next Friday.

On October 28, a balloon will be launched from the Elkhorn Resort at Clear Lake named SHARP-2. The hope is that it reaches 120,000 feet. The exact coordinates of the launch location are 50.6515 degrees north latitude and (-)99.9589 degrees west longitude.

Students will be testing the effects of radiation on vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide and two types of legumes. Temperature and Geiger sensors, as well as two cameras to capture video and still photos will be along for the ride.

The public can monitor the balloon by its call sign (VE4-SHS-9) or by the chase car call sign (VE4-SHS-14) at APRS.fi.


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