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Manitoba to Have 10-Digit Dialing Flicked on December 1

November 2, 2011 8:30 AM | News

In preparation for mandatory 10-digit dialing in Manitoba on July 29, 2012, the Telecommunications Alliance is asking residents to get used to dialing the extra digits as of December 1.

MTS, Shaw, Rogers, TELUS, Bell and Westman Communications Group will all support 10-digit dialing (204 + seven-digit number) as of the first of next month, but it won’t be mandatory until next summer.

“A number of cities in Canada have already successfully implemented these measures and we are doing everything we can to ensure these changes will be seamless for businesses and residential customers in Manitoba,” said Glenn Pilley, spokesperson for the Telecommunications Alliance.

The extra digits will come into effect to support a new area code, 431, that Manitoba will receive in November 2012. The new area code will be assigned to only new phone numbers.

Updated to reflect Shaw’s involvement with the 10-digit dialing transition.

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