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U of W Prof. Receives Grant to Prevent Youth Bullying

November 20, 2011 7:45 AM | News

By Brian Schultz

Dr. Wendy Josephson (HANDOUT)

A University of Winnipeg professor has received a grant that will support her work in creating bullying prevention programs and techniques for children.

Dr. Wendy Josephson receives the grant from the Networks of Centres of Excellence just as Canada Bullying Awareness Week comes to an end. Josephson will partner with
the Family Channel as part of her project called, “StandUp! A Social Marketing Campaign to Empower Elementary School Children to Take Positive Action to Prevent Bullying.” She will act as a script advisor for select TV shows.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to work with a media organization that has the potential to provide really useful information to kids,” Josephson said in a statement. “The idea is to integrate useful research on bullying into popular culture, so that children watching popular TV shows can see how to prevent bullying and how to intervene if they are bystanders to bullying.”

The $1.6 million grant over four years was one of three announced that will support 10 collaborative projects between Canadian researchers and national organizations that meet the needs of children and youth.