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City Woman Beats All Odds to Claim $1M Lotto Prize

December 2, 2011 1:11 PM | News

Athilee Woodward (WCLC)

A Winnipeg woman is the city’s newest millionaire, claiming a $1 million Lotto Max prize.

Athilee Woodward went to fuel up at the Red River Co-op at 3755 Portage Avenue nearly seven days after purchasing her winning lottery ticket for the November 18 draw.

After using the self-checker and not believing the multiple zeros looking back at her, Athilee asked the clerk for help.

“The clerk said, ‘I think you won $100,000!’ and then another clerk walks over and takes a look and he said, ‘No, that’s six zeroes,'” Athilee said.

Athilee beat the odds with her win — which was one in 29 million — and is no stranger to being one in a million, or more accurately, two in a million. She has a rare condition called Cushing’s disease that only affects two people in a population of million. Since her latest surgery, she’s been joking about her fortunes.

“I’ve been saying, how come I can’t win the lottery?” Well, now she has.

Athilee doesn’t have any big plans for her winnings, but says she’s planning a nice Christmas and will pay down some debt.