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Hollaback! Movement Comes to Winnipeg

December 7, 2011 9:00 AM | News

An international movement to end street harassment has launched in Winnipeg, as well as in 11 other locations.

Hollaback! is run by a team of local activists who are deeply committed to working online and offline to end street harassment in Winnipeg.

“Street harassment is not only a form of violence in itself, but is a gateway crime to other forms of violence both in public and in private,” said Jodie Layne, director of Hollaback! Winnipeg. “Women’s safety isn’t just a woman’s issue. I was compelled to start a site here to not only make space for women and LGBTTQ folks to reclaim their voices, but to tell people that it’s unacceptable. We all have a responsibility to hollaback at harassers.

“Street harassment is so common it’s become perceived as normal. The idea that making people feel uncomfortable and unsafe in public is normal is a terrifying thought,” said Hollaback! Winnipeg team member Wren Egan.

Local Hollaback! site leaders run their local blog and organize their communities through advocacy, community partnerships, and direct action.

The organization is now in 45 cities and 16 countries, with leaders speaking more than 9 different languages.